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How traceCLEAN works

mujeres solteras tumaco Place the items to be cleaned in the traceCLEAN system, program the time and temperature required, then press start. Freshly distilled acid vapours will then continuously reflux within the sealed unit, thoroughly leaching any metal contaminants from the items.
After the cleaning cycle is complete, the items are cooled, dried and stored until needed.

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rencontres célibataires valais The traceCLEAN minimizes contamination. Traditional cleaning methods require soaking items in hot acids, often for several hours. To be effective large volumes of acid are consumed and need to be changes regularly. There is also a substantial risk of exposure to hot acids and acid vapors using traditional soaking techniques.


http://wolontariatsportowy.com/fioepr/bioepr/7508 traceCLEAN benefits



  • Best cleaning quality of all PTFE, TFM, glass, and quartz ultra-trace accessories, including microwave digestion vessels and ICP/ICP-MS accessories.
  • Fast, convenient and fully automated
  • Perfect accessory for your microwave digestion system
  • No operator's exposure to acid vapours
  • Unattended operations

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