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  • Low operating cost

    Low operating costs

    No vessel assembly/disassembly is required, vessel cleaning is eliminated with disposable glass vials, and method development is virtually eliminated.
    There are also major savings on consumables costs, which is important for high throughput labs using closed vessel digestion.
    Racks from 4 to 26 positions are available with vials made of quartz, PTFE/TFM or disposable glass vials, in order to match even very low blanks level.
    Ask to your local Milestone Specialist the best configuration for your needs.

    User interface

    userinterfaceThe UltraWAVE is operated via a compact control terminal with easy-to-read, bright, full-color, touch- screen display.

    Hundreds of applications, including all US EPA methods, are preloaded in the UltraWAVE terminal.

    The terminal is provided with multiple USB and RS-232 ports for direct printout of microwave methods and runs, and for interfacing the instrument to external peripherals.

    The terminal runs the Milestone’s unique multi-language EasyCONTROL software, to provide simple, user-friendly control of the microwave sample preparation process. Simply recall a factory-stored method or create a new one; press ‘START’ and the system will automatically follow the user defined temperature or pressure profile, utilizing a sophisticated PID algorithm to regulate the microwave power.

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