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Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Columbia Missouri, Buy Viagra 50 mg in Vancouver Washington

Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Columbia Missouri, Buy Viagra 50 mg in Vancouver Washington

ETHOS X GC and HPLC Analysis

Samples submitted for GC and HPLC analysis require pre-treatment. The fundamental step in sample pretreatment is the extraction of the compounds of interest from the sample matrix. This is the least evolved and most error-prone step in the overall analytical procedure as many people still use the Soxhlet method invented in 1879. The new Milestone ETHOS X is an advanced microwave extraction system offering the best technology currently available for GC, GC-MS and HPLC sample preparation.

High sample throughput
Low running cost
Effectiveness and Consistency
The ETHOS X Advanced Microwave Extraction System for GC and HPLC Analysis is available in several configurations to accomplish a wide range of applications.

The ETHOS X is suitable for both microwave solvent extraction and microwave acid digestion in the same microwave platform.


Advanced Microwave Extraction System for Environmental Applications

Environmental laboratory professionals spoke, we listened. Your input guided our development of the ETHOS X and fastEX-24 rotor to specifically address the challenges of today’s environmental laboratories. The Milestone ETHOS X microwave lab station in combination with our fastEX-24 rotor offers your lab the simultaneous extraction of 24 samples in 40 minutes with minimal solvent usage. Our unique WeflonTM material provides homogeneous heating and facilitates accurate contactless temperature monitoring of all vessels. Each vessel holds 100 mL disposable glass vials allowing you to extract up to 30 gram samples while eliminating memory effects and cleaning. The benefit: higher sample throughput and easier handling, resulting in reduced cost and faster turnaround time for your laboratory.

ETHOS X Environmental Applications

Microwave Total Fat Determination in
Milk and Milk Products

The traditional fat extraction methods are very labour intensive and time-consuming. Large amounts of solvents are required to remove fat from the sample matrix, resulting in very high running costs.
As an example, conventional fat extraction of pretreated cheese usually requires 3 hours and over 100 mL of solvent per sample. Therefore, the standard fat extraction methods are not time- and cost efficient. Furthermore they expose laboratory technicians to dangerous solvents.
To overcome these limitations, Milestone has developed a fast yet accurate microwave-based technology which allows the chemist to carry out the simultaneous total fat determination in 12 milk and milk products samples in just 90 minutes, with equivalent results of those obtained with reference methods.

ETHOS X Total Fat Determination

Microwave Green Extraction of
Natural Products

The analytical procedure for essential oils and aromas from plants or spices comprises two steps: extraction by steam distillation or hydro-distillation, and analysis by GC or GC-MS. While the analysis step requires just few minutes, extraction takes at least several hours. Even today the standard procedure is based on the Clevenger method, which dates back to 1928! To address the limitations of this nearly 90-old technology, Milestone has developed the new ETHOS X for the Microwave Green Extraction of Natural Products.
Available in two different and interchangeable configurations, for fragrances and for flavors, the ETHOS X takes advantage of the unique microwave selective heating mechanism.

ETHOS X Natural Products

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